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Bobo the Mutt

My fascination with red began with Cyndi Lauper. She was my favorite singer. Ms. Lauper also reminds me of my best friend Squinny who looked just like Cyndi when she died her hair red for “Time After Time”, my all time favorite song. I would reenact the video at home with Bobo the Mutt who took care of me while mom was at work. Bobo the Mutt played Cyndi Lauper because he looked just like her. Shaggy mop head and dog breath. I didn’t mind but I was jealous of him because he looked like a star.

I always wanted to be Ms. Lauper but I played her boyfriend in the “Time After Time” music video instead. His red shoes and jean jacket became my wardrobe throughout the 80’s. Obviously that’s when my fascination with red began.

One day Bobo the Mutt got lost and never returned. I’m not sure if he ran away or just couldn’t find his way home. I felt like Ms. Lauper’s boyfriend when she left him at the train station except I couldn’t find him when I went looking.

Or maybe I did.

I invented the stupidest scenarios, which makes me crazy. For example, I made the case to the police that Bobo the Mutt had to have been kidnapped by a band of Bolsheviks (the reds) or possibly swallowed up by dark matter or whisked away in Wonder Woman’s invisible plane.

Mom said, “Bobo the Mutt will be alright. He’s tough as nails.”

I’m not sure if he was tough enough. I’m not sure if he was alright in the end. All I know is that I think of him from time to time. In reality, Bobo the Mutt probably never made it too far. Probably never knew what hit him.

|Neil de la Flor


I'm not real, but I'm a writer.

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