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Dream Tests

Dream | Test | 1

It’s been awhile since I’ve made a note. I’m not going to write about any characters or significant others. I’ve been tired and water logged. My canoe sank in the Euphrates. No, I’m not delusional, I know where I am. I’ve logged miles in my sixth edition geography book. It’s been raining since forever. I’m wondering if the Wicked Witch of the South is pissed off or maybe something’s up her skirt. Rats! I’ve decided to make a list out of laundry: socks, underwear, jeans, knit sweater. Did you enjoy my list? Here’s a wish or two. I want to go to Egypt one day. I want to see the pyramids, speak to the ancestors of history. Imagine the whole dessert (or desert) swallow me whole. I want to swim the Nile naked. I want to discover Atlantis. I’m sure I’ll have time when I grow up. I’m only kid but I can swim.

Dream | Test | 2

Roman Polanski

Dream | Test | 3

A citadel. I assume it was made of stone and I’m not sure if it was a citadel or a castle. I always confuse the two. Squinny and Linda G. are waving from the tower, white flags. I’m running toward the tower and stumble upon an execution–Marie Antoinette or Mary Queen of Scots. I’m not Scottish or French but I felt like one at that moment, the whole of Europe screaming for my head. I’m too young for these thoughts I thought then rolled off the bed.

Dream | Test | 4

Bit my tongue.

Dream | Test | 5

Bit my tongue. Wiped it on a white flag, swimmers wave kerchiefs or maybe fresh pairs of underwear. I still want to swim but I’m tied from the waist down, underwater. I can’t break free, tired. Squinny comes to me and kisses me on the forehead, a good-bye kiss. She’s so sweet. The executioner is asleep at the wheel but the car is parked. I laugh. Shrimp swim in front of me with determination as if they knew where they’re going. To hell, Squinny gurgles then giggles. I miss her speckled face and the way she set fires in elementary school.


I'm not real, but I'm a writer.

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