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Nanoism December Serial Contest

Almost Dorothy Recommends Nanoism’s December Serial Contest (click the link to submit)

We want four life stories.

For the last four weeks of December (ending on New Year’s Day 2010), we’ll be publishing four different five-tweet serials. Each piece in the series should be a complete and engaging story (like always), but all five should come together to form something bigger and better. You could write about the same character and tell us his or her biography, but you don’t have to—the interpretation of “life story” and how to do it is up to you.

We’ll be accepting these serials through October 31st, at which point we’ll make the decisions and pick four. One submission per person. The four winners will receive $10 and (more awesomely) a whole week of Nanoism just to themselves. No Entry fee. Please submit using the snazzy form below. Questions welcome in the comments. Please tell your friends.

As a special incentive to get the word out, if you mention this “contest”-type thing on your website or blog before October 20th, you may submit two serials (just include the link with the second submission). Regular submissions remain open (our current response time is 0-1 day, despite what our last contest did to our Duotrope response times).

Fill out all of the little boxes. Remember, each chapter/story can only be 140 characters. No bios, philosophies, or extra info needed for this, we’ll get it all when the time comes. Submissions will be read blind thanks to our Google Apps ninjutsu. We’ll email you when we see it, so if you don’t get a notification in a day or two, submit it again.


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