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Jessie Carty: BBQ Pork & Other Things, An Interview

Welcome to The Potty Mouth Interviews. Upon the urging of my mother, I’ve decided to interview several unknown persons, faux celebrities, losers, twitterers, a politician or two, a few real celebs, poets and other incredibly fabulous and creative freaks of nature, like my first guest, Jessie Carty, who is a poet and editor/founder/curator of Shape of a Box. She’s also a formidable Southerner and author of a shitload of chapbooks, namely The Wait of Atom and At The A&P Meridien. Enjoy. (Oh…and stay tuned for more interviews from other freaks of nature.)

Jessie Carty

Almost Dorothy: My mom read on Twitter that you like BBQ, especially pulled pork. Can you explain the theory of pulled pork and how it makes you a better poet?

Jessie Carty: There have been whole books written about the BBQ debate, but none about how BBQ relates to poetry. Guess that might need to be my next chapbook, tentatively titled “Bards Broads and the Quixotic.” BBQ has always been a part of my life. I grew up in the rinky dinky areas of Northeastern NC in what is being now called (by some people) the Inner Banks where we ate minced pork sandwiches of the vinegar based variety. Little spicy topped with some yellow cole slaw and you were golden. My mom, who never had a chance to see Twitter, used to actually run a BBQ restaurant that was in a converted gas station. You could get gas, BBQ and beer. Anything better?

AD: Have you ever eaten a human? Why or why not?

JC (Not Jesus Christ): My mind tends to go into the gutter very easily so I wonder how to define the word eat. If you go by the Free Dictionary ( it says – To take into the body by the mouth for digestion or absorption. So, n, I never chewed.

AD: You have tons of poems under consideration at 3,000 + literary journals, no exaggeration (wink wink). Do you consider publishing an end in itself or flies on the wall?

JC: I have a very dysfunctional relationship with publishing. It is like a father figure from whom I am trying to obtain validation. But, honestly, the main reason I send work out is because I doubt I would ever revise anything if it wasn’t going to be seen by someone else. I mean, you don’t revise journals right? Well, maybe Doogie Howser did. I could see him being anal that way.

AD: If you could be a McDonald’s item, which item would you be, and why?

JC: I’d like to say the McFlurry cause it tastes so freaking good, but got to be honest with you I’d probably be the cheeseburger. The McDonald’s cheeseburger is perfect. The processed bun that tastes eerily sweet, the thin barely there hamburger patty that just leaves you craving for more, the organey cheese that only melts in the center and of course the mashed up mustard, ketchup, pickles and chopped up onions which are the true reason you get the cheeseburger cause everything else has only the minutest of flavors. It is the epitome of why I have probably never lost a whole lot of weight cause it is like eating air, leaves you wanting more despite how many calories are in it. So, yeah, one taste of me and you’d have to buy at least one more because you just hadn’t had enough.

AD: Why 58 inches?

JC: Because I had no choice J

AD: If you could be the heart of any human besides yourself, whose heart would you be?

JC: The Dalai Lama. Seriously, that man is compassion and reality personified.

AD: Best pick-up line ever?

JC: I couldn’t say it better

AD: Do you have any advice for young boy-girls who want to grow up to be English teachers or writers one day?

JC: Above the door of writer/teacher-dom it says, “Abandon all hopes of money, ye who enter here.” But no money means you get more time to read and scribble, even if it is on the back of napkins.

Jessie Carty’s poetry and non-fiction have appeared in places such as The Main Street Rag, MARGIE and The Northville Review. She is the author of two chapbooks At the A & P Meridiem (Pudding House, 2009) and The Wait of Atom (Folded Word, 2009) and her first full length collection Paper House will be released by Folded Word in spring 2010. She also edits Shape of a Box, YouTube’s first (and maybe still only) literary magazine and spends way too much time on the interwebs at lots of places but most often at her blog . She also eats radishes by choice.


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