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Adriana de Barros: An Interview With The Amazing Creator of Scene 360

Welcome to the next installment of The Potty Mouth Interviews. My next victim, Adriana de Barros, created and runs the most hands down get out fabulous and amazing webzine in the universe, including Earth. Mom says Adriana is Lady Gaga2 but less bloody. She loves this gal (and Gaga too) because she puts Anderson Cooper, who (probably) stole her concept for 360, to shame. She says, “Man, this woman is talented. You should feature her under freak of nature.” So, I am. Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the future of media mogul-maniac—Adriana de Barros.

Adriana de Barros

Almost Dorothy: How do you keep your vision stereoscopic rather than mundane and one-dimensional?

Adriana de Barros: There is so much to see in the world that I just try to keep an open mind about life and art. I’m interested in “diversity,” rather than looking or participating in the same types of projects. This way, I can find new challenges, new art, and new things to share on the web.

AD: If you were a pixel, where would you want to exist?

AB: In Da Vinci’s revived computerized time-machine.

AD: What’s the most amazing thing about your job?

AB: Inspiring other people.

AD: The worst?

AB: Dealing with intolerant clients.

AD: I promised I wouldn’t ask any personal questions but how is your baby?

AB: What baby? I don’t have any, except some lambs.

AD: Speaking of babies, is the world of media going to hell or are we there yet?

AB: I think in general it is out of control. I rarely watch TV or read/view the news, because it is just insane with the death reports and dramas. I think, we as humans have a tendency for self-destruction and that is reflected in so many ways in our society. The media is another example of this havoc—a mirror of what the general population wants to see. Advertisement overpowers many media-related businesses, and of course they need to sell content to keep their company afloat. However, if less people were interested in celebrity bashing, gruesome accidents, and more, maybe there would be a better balance of good and bad news, and we would be less in hell right now.

AD: Worst pick-up line?

AB: You are pretty. Want to go out?

AD: Favorite vegetable?

AB: I like most vegetables. Favorite = Lettuce.

AD: I didn’t know lettuce was a vegetable! Finally, the last question: If the reader were to visit your Scene360, what link would you send him/her too?

AB: I would send the reader to:, the home page because it is a directory of the magazine, and that way he/she could view news, latest articles, or videos. The reader would get a better idea of what Scene 360 is about.

Adriana de Barros is an artist, writer, and poet. She grew up in Toronto, Canada, moving back to her native Caldas da Rainha, Portugal at the age of fifteen. For over ten years, she co-owned a family business, a clothing company called Silver Coast and Baby Pins, and a copy center with a design studio. Currently, she is editor at Scene 360 and creative director of Breathewords.


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