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Morningside Park: Miami’s Garbage Patch

After my Potty Mouth Interview with Elizabeth Doud I decided to find out for myself if she was full of shit or just batshit crazy about this irreversible dilemma of plastics pollution in our planet’s oceans. Mom says she’s a fine gal with gold glitter and fancy words. So I went to Morningside Park in Miami, FL, where else would Miami be, Ohio? Yah, right. Anyway, Elizabeth is right–ocean pollution is real. I photographed lots of plastic–Gatorade caps, Wet Willies plastic cups,brand name juice containers–all washed up and/or dumped on shore. The irony: Morningside is probably the wealthiest neighborhood in the city of Miami and it’s littered with plastic. Prime property baby, right on Biscayne Bay. Hell, let’s just call it Plastics Bay. Go, check it out. Get down on all 4s (no rude remarks kids) and you’re in the North Pacific Gyre.

“The Gyre is real, and coming to a beach near you.” –Elizabeth Doud

See the images:

Morningside Park - Miami, FL
Morningside Park - Miami, FL
Morningside Park - Miami, FL


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2 thoughts on “Morningside Park: Miami’s Garbage Patch

  1. Lovely! Next, you can come and do a photo essay on the beaches of Texas. Sure, Padre Island is splendid – the tourist trade pays to keep the sands pristine – but head up toward and beyond Galveston. These beaches, which I avoid like the plague, look a lot like those you’ve photographed, except that all that lovely garbage is also floating in thick, black coating of oil. You have to wear shoes, or your feet will turn black – and it doesn’t wash off! Take a dip in the murky surf and your swimsuit turns dark brown, regardless of what color it started out as. At night, the ocean horizon looks like a city – the lights of the oil rigs twinkling in the offing. Haven’t done any research on it, but the way I understand it is that an oil spill has to be of a certain size before, legally, it requires attention. Little “leaks” are simply ignored and, because these are by far the most numerous, all those little “drips” add up to one foul coastline. Truly disgusting!

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