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Almost Dorothy: Pride & Mourning

Mom woke me up this morning with the news: “President Obama Names Transgender Appointee to the Commerce Department.” She was very excited and said I have a future now in business and that I should reconsider business school. I’m only a teen I told her then she told me off. She insisted until I promised her I’d go. I hate business. Then she told me the bad news: Ex-Marine Michael Griffin kills Professor Don Belton. Don was an English professor who happened to be gay and Michael Griffin was a marine who happens to be (not) gay. Both were friends until Christmas day. She said the marine used the gay panic defense to justify the murder. Gays are really scary, mom said, laughing and probably remembering her lover Fernando who turned gay after they had sex. It’s usually the other way around, I said. When I go to school I get hit and feel afraid, panicked. But, I’ve never killed anyone as a result. Yet.


I'm not real, but I'm a writer.

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