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Almost Dorothy Skips Class

I skip class to hang out in the toilets with my girlfriend Squinny. She’s not my ‘girlfriend’ and we’re not ‘in’ the toilet but Squinny is taking a leak. She doesn’t sit so I’m concerned for the black ants on the floor. I hope they can swim. Let’s go to Yemen, she says. Where’s that? I ask. No clue, she says, but I think we can make it big there. Squinny thinks she’ll be a hunk one day when she gets her penis. I ask her how much a penis costs and she shrugs her shoulders. I think she’s full of shit but I wouldn’t put it past her. Her mom’s in an asylum and not one built for political prisoners. It’s time to get back to class. I heart Algebra. I hate bras. Squinny straightens the sock in her pants and I do too.


I'm not real, but I'm a writer.

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