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Almost Dorothy: Cold Cold Cold

It’s 32 degrees outside and mom won’t take a shower. She’s smoking a cigarette topless on the front porch. The neighbors love her. I do too. She says the cold is the only thing that makes her breasts look a few years younger. She takes advantage of the weather and what it does for her figure. She has a reputation and a shower will only prune her. She says she needs to look good to get a job. Mom is off today but she has a long week ahead of her at the unemployment line. Plus, she has her under the table jobs. By under the table I don’t mean anything sexual, but mom will do what she’s got to do to keep a roof over our heads. We’re not living out of no goddamn car, she says. I ain’t no man’s woman either. I promise I will take care of her one day when I’m old enough. I promise I will help her get the boob job she’s always wanted. I promise her I’ll never be no man’s woman either. She laughs. Lights another cigarette. Waves to Squinny’s dad. You’re never too old, she says. Men ain’t so bad. Just keep ’em off the grass.


I'm not real, but I'm a writer.

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