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Almost Dorothy: M(ass)achusettes

Squinny and I skipped school today, but we didn’t do drugs. We’re not like that. Even though we live in Florida we stumped for Martha Coakley on the corner of Biscayne Boulevard and 41st Street. Martha is running for Senator against Scott Brown in the State of Massachusettes, which is currenlty in the sate of denial or delusion. I love Massachusettes because it contains my two favorite words: ass and sac. I spent most of the day telling people on the street that Scott Brown is an ass sac from Massachusettes and we should stop him from teabagging our great land. He hates gays and wants to make sure mom and I never get the healthcare we want to pay for but can’t because mom’s got a form of brain damage called brain damage. Some laughed. One guy tried to punch me in the face but Squinny kicked him in the chin, or shin. I can’t spell. He was nuts. We giggled and we ran as fast as we could before we got shot or stabbed. I hate knives. The guy didn’t have a gun, but you never know. He was crazy fat. In any case, Squinny and I survived. We hope Scott Brown won’t win, but he probably will. If he wins, Squinny said, I’ll make love to him in his dreams to piss off his wife. I don’t think his wife will mind, I said. Squinny wasn’t convinced. You’ve never seen what I can do in bed, Squinny said. Thank God, I thought. That would be sick.


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