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McQueen is Dead: Long Live McQueen!

Mom is sad because Alexander McQueen killed himself. Mom is sad because she will never own her own Alexander McQueen outfit. Mom is sad because she found Amanda Bernstein (the B is still silent) rummaging through her photo albums. Mom is sad because she found a picture of my father dressed as Santa. Mom is sad because she wants to kill Amanda Bernstein because she loves her like Alexander McQueen loved his mother. Mom is sad because Alexander is my real name but I never use it. Mom is sad because Freddy Mercury is dead. Mom is sad because she is sad and because Alexander McQueen is dead. Mom is sad because one day she will be dead. All dead. All gone. Silent as  a clam, she said.


I'm not real, but I'm a writer.

3 thoughts on “McQueen is Dead: Long Live McQueen!

  1. Reads like poetry to me! I don’t know who Alexander McQueen is/was, but it makes me sad too. There is nothing quite so tragic as the realization of our own inevitable mortality. This happens to me more and more often these days, usually as I’m standing in the grocery store checkout line and a pic on the cover of a tabloid catches my eye – yet another musician/model/movie star, my own age, and whom I feel like I’ve grown up with, depicted in wretched condition, fifty pounds lighter, on the brink of dying from some incurable and dreadful malady. I look at this person whom I used to emulate and verily worship as a teenager and I think: “Don’t die yet! You can’t die yet! I’m not ready to die!” When Madonna dies, I’m going to die too. I know this in my bones. It isn’t that I am such a fan of Madonna – truly, I don’t think I would even like her if I ever met her – it’s just that she’s always been there, for as long as I can remember. When she dies, Dorothy, I’m going to be like your mother: sad and mad and perhaps even a little homicidal because this isn’t supposed to happen…not yet…ever.

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