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The Republican Party Doesn’t Want Mom

Mom says the far right is wrong. Mom says she tried to join the Republican party but they wouldn’t let her because her son acts like a girl. Mom then asked if she could join the TeaParty instead but the lady at the front door took one look at her and Amanda Bernstein holding hands and she called them fucking fags. She said the party doesn’t want her. Mom said she’s not a fag but could use a cigarette. Mom called the lady at the door a fucking fag and spit in her face. The lady got scared or scarred and called the cops. Mom is a fast runner so she never saw the cops. Amanda Bernstein runs fast too. Mom is not up to joining the Republican party or the Teaparty anymore however she’s not against teabagging per se. She thought they were all about freedom of this and that and fiscal responsibility but all they want is for her boy to be a boy and always a boy no matter what. The end. Mom couldn’t promise them that I would remain a boy because I’m not a boy. I’m a girl she said she said to them. Mom said to the lady at the door that she should get off once in awhile. Mom invited the lady over to get off. She wouldn’t give her word but said to mom, before the cops came, she’d be over around six. The lady brought handcuffs and a pack of cloves and I’ve got the film to prove it.


I'm not real, but I'm a writer.

4 thoughts on “The Republican Party Doesn’t Want Mom

  1. Good for Mom! I would be proud to be rejected by the Republican party any day. I would be proud if my mom were rejected by the Republican party…or even my dog. Maybe I would even make a t-shirt and wear it night and day: REPUBLICAN PARTY REJECT, and on the other side THE TEA PARTY DIDN’T INVITE ME. Who knows – I might even go so far as to get a tattoo with the same sort of theme. I like the idea that tattoos don’t come off. They burry you with them. When they close the coffin for the last time and darkness overtakes the light, at least I can go down knowing, Thank God Almighty! Whatever I did in my life, at least I didn’t become a member of the Republican Party! (I side with Dante in the concept of a compartmentalized Hell. I sort of suspect the far right has a realm down there, all their own. I may go to Hell, but, by the grace of God, please don’t let me have to spend eternity with the George Bushes.) Amen.

  2. The headline reads: Shocking: Tea Partiers Mostly Rich, White, Christian Guys:
    O, but let’s be serious. Is it really all that shocking? I’m not shocked. Is anyone shocked? Who’s shocked? Some things just aren’t that shocking. “Not Surprising:” would have been a more accurate headline. Anyway, hope you and Mom and Amanda Bernstein enjoy the article.

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