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Coffee Party USA

Coffee Party USAI just joined the Coffee Party because it’s better than the Tea Party because the Tea Party is full of toothless thugs who want to take away mom’s dentures. Mom needs her dentures to chew. Besides, she looks funny without teeth except when she’s topless and bra-less. That’s a sight out of the Exorcist. In any case, tea makes me get the cramps but coffee doesn’t bother my tummy. Coffee is yummy yummy. Yummy for my tummy. Sorry Tea Party. See you at Starbucks. Till then, stop trying to take mom’s teeth away you filthy pigs.


I'm not real, but I'm a writer.

One thought on “Coffee Party USA

  1. i really hate they took over tea cause i can’t drink coffee and i really like tea.
    why did they have to ruin it for me?

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