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Hepatitis C

Amanda Bernstein smashed her finger in the door. Smashed it so bad mom had to rush her to Memorial Hospital. Since Amanda has insurance Amanda got healthcare, so mom had a great idea. She decided to smash her finger the next day and pose as Amanda. That way she could get a checkup using Amanda’s insurance card. Mom got herself a checkup, but at a different hospital. Memorial Hospital West. The doctor said mom’s finger will be fine no problem just go home and rest, but mom told the doctor she had cramps, in her chest. You can’t have cramps in your chest, the doctor said. But mom insisted. Stop drinking, he said. Fuck you, she said. He looked into her eyes. I think you have Hepatitis C, he said. Fuck, she said. Fuck yah, he said. There was no sex involved in mom’s diagnosis, just a lot of fucking while the doctor explained why the letter C. She’s on meds now. Doing fine right next to me.


I'm not real, but I'm a writer.

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