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Sinéad O’Connor Answers Almost Dorothy’s Question

Mom’s so proud of me today because I participated in an online discussion with Sinead O’Connor on the Washington Post website. I asked her a question about the Vatican sex abuse scandal on behalf of my fellow classmates. I feel so especial. Mom says I still ain’t that special.

Almost Dorothy: Hi Sinead, my classmates and I have been debating the effectiveness of your actions since the SNL event in ending the silence of child sexual abuse by the Vatican. We have many points of view but I would like to know how you see your role, and how big of a role do you think (or hope) you played, in ending the silence?

Sinead O’Connor: I doubt the vatican could care a rats a** what i do… whats working is millions and millions of people chipping away… so.. students.. write letters to papers.. go out in the streets… write to ur governments.. and ask to be honoured with the truth
Remember bob marley’s words…

Why boasteth yourslef oh evil man?
Playing smart but not being clever
You work iniquity to achieve vanity
But the goodness of Jah Jah endureth forever

So if u are a big tree
We are a small axe
Ready to cut u down
To cut u down


I'm not real, but I'm a writer.

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