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Poop Shoot

Mom and I are at a dog grooming seminar and the seminar teacher just said poop shoot. I ask mom what a poop shoot is and she says it’s where the shit shoots out. The lady behind us tells mom to shhh. Mom tells the lady to shove it up her shit shoot. I tell mom it’s called a poop shoot and Bobo the Mutt lets out a toot. Mom tells the lady to shut the f up. It’s called a shit shoot when it comes out of that woman’s mouth. I’m so embarassed. The seminar teacher yells at us to take our dispute outside, so we did, and it smells. I think mom stepped in dog shit or maybe it’s the lady who mom just scared the shit out of. I need water. Bobo pants. The lady’s pants are wet. The crowd laughs. Mom wins and the lady withdraws. We never go home empty handed.


I'm not real, but I'm a writer.

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