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Shout Out to Rigoberto González

Rigoberto González is awesome. He wrote a shout out about my creator’s silly book, which was the Winner of the Marsh Hawk Press Poetry Prize, on the Poetry Foundation’s Harriet Blog. I didn’t know this, but Almost Dorothy is a queer debut. I guess this means I’m a débutante and Neil de la Flor must be queer, or a quack, like a duck a L’Orange. I wish my name were Harriet or Duck. I wish I were real. I wish I had my own blog. I wish you would click on the excerpt below to read the whole freaking shout out for yourself:

Neil de la Flor

“I like the naughtiness of de la Flor’s poetics: the speaker’s wordplay is double-speak and double-entendre, and no dust ever settles on a single meaning. Almost Dorothy is a challenging and unsettling reading experience, but there are plenty of cues and clues along the way to keep the reader constantly alert and sometimes startled: “At age 13, Frida Kahlo joined the Communist Party. Inspired by the Mexican Revolution, she fell in love with a cactus and a pig. Shortly after her death, the hieroglyphs in Egypt were decoded. They all read, Diego.”


I'm not real, but I'm a writer.

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