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This Is Why I Want To Be A Boy

Lady Gaga makes me want to be a boy. Lady Gaga also makes me want to be a girl. Lady Gaga makes me want to say Wha, What when people say I should go to hell. No one cares if Lil’ Wayne smacks lady ass in music videos. When powerful women display their powerfulness-ness, everyone freaks, like they freaked on Thelma & Louise. Anyway, I’m busy trying to get these fishnets on. No wonder  I can’t decide which way I’ll go. Until I decide, which may be never, I’ll continue my education on YouTube and pretend Mom is Lady Gaga and  Amanda B. is Beyoncé. Because they are on the inside. Like we all are. Freaks. Mom says I’m a disaster and calls YouTube YouBoob, of course, cause she’s a boob and a horse. Mom’s got no class and a huge ass, but that’s another story I’m not prepared to tell, yet. Anyway, I love telephones and the possibility of military service. I love rhyming too. And the House of Gaga. And the way BeyonGaga make me feel when I feel extraordinary. I love you, HoneyBee.


I'm not real, but I'm a writer.

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