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Fall for the Arts Festival

Since I started school (I’m like in the 7th or 9th grade), I haven’t had any time to write even though my silly English teacher wants me to write collage poems, which are like real collages but these collages are made out of text.  I have no idea what he wants. I think the guy took too much acid or Tums when he was a kid like me. Or, maybe he’s on acid now and is a kid like me. I mean, who knows who is who these days, especially with all those exotic pharmaceuticals on the market that offer cures for everything from bladder leakage to the hebegebes to the Bee Gees. In any case, this is what I did for the Knight Foundation’s Arts Blog this week. I reviewed the Fall for the Arts Festival and it was really cool. I mean, I didn’t really review it but my imaginary self did. Best thing: I met Spiderman (see below) and I breakdanced my butt off . Heck, I still can’t found my rear end.

Spiderman/Photo by Neil de la Flor


I'm not real, but I'm a writer.

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