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Marco Rubio Sucks

Toot, toot, yah, beep beep. I’m wearing my who who outfit and I’m headed out for the night with ma, or an impersonator who may or may not be ma. We’ve got our boobs on and boss shoes. Meaning shoes that are the boss. We’re not wearing ma’s boss’ shoes. He’s a jerk with small feet and a small ____. That’s what ma’ says. Well, we’re gonna hitch rides on the bus off Biscayne Boulevard and something street. We’ll probably stick our tongues to the bus window. We love the taste of public transportation. We stick our tongues out at cars at stop lights even if there are no cars. I’m going to eat light tonight. I’m canvassing the city for Kendrick Meek who’s standing up for the middle class while Charlie Christ and Marco Rubio stand up for asses.


I'm not real, but I'm a writer.

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