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Almost Dorothy supports FCKH8 because, you know, I’m normal and I love gay love just like I love love and red shoes and mascara and Mariah Carey during her postal phase. Anyway, gay love is like getting naked with yourself doubled (or tripled) and usually has nothing to do with gang bangs or stuff like that. It all depends on what you’re into, anyway. My two moms just want to get married like the neighbor’s dad who’s up on his third wife in ten years. Ma says he’s been busy screwing every woman (and man) on 76th street and that his dinky will fall off one day. Ma says she doesn’t want to move to Iowa, where gay marriage is legal, because she hates porn. I mean, corn. Ma hates corn. I misunderstood what she said but I think she also hates porn. Anyway, in the meantime, FCKH8 till there’s only love is this FCKing world. Peace out.


I'm not real, but I'm a writer.

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