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FCKH8: Randy Roberts Potts Says It Gets Better

With a name like Oral Roberts, ma says, it’s no wonder he was gay. I tell ma Oral is not gay. His grandson is gay. Yah, right, she says. I tell her no and yes, Randy Roberts Potts, the grandson of Oral Roberts–the world famous evangelical Christian gay hater and bigot followed by millions–is gay. And he says it gets better, especially with butter cream. After years of being bullied by bigoted evangelicals, including his mom and ex-wife, Roberts, not the Oral Roberts, says it’ll get better.  He made this for video for his gay Uncle Ronnie who shot himself in heart after because he didn’t think the Christian on Christian bullying would get any better. I guess it wasn’t Christmas time, ma says. Shut up, I tell her. Randy’s ma said he’ll burn in hell with all the other fags and fluffy Pomeranians and princesses disguised as princes. I think she’s gonna burn in hell, ma says. Especially with that kind of attitude.


I'm not real, but I'm a writer.

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