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Kristina Wong: Going Green the Wong Way

Ma and I just got home from seeing Kristina Wong, the “Wongsta”, perform at the Arsht Center (pronounced Center.) Wong is a diva and sexy. And she lost her sexy Diva in her yahoo on stage. Literally. Staff had to pull it out. Go see the show. I can’t go into detail because the CIA may sensor me for saying words like Vagina and hairy in the same sentence. SEERiously. Moral of the story: Going Green the Wong(sta) Way ain’t easy. Like life ain’t easy. Like driving a 27-year old vegetable-oil fueled pink Mercedes named Harold ain’t easy. Like using public transportation in Los Angeles ain’t easy. Like being alive ain’t easy. Like that’s it already.

On the way home, ma and I took the bus, the #5 or #7. I can’t remember. A woman sang “Holy Night” on the bus ride home. Ma looked at me like WTF and I looked at her like STFU. Ma couldn’t help it and began to laugh. The lady kept singing “Holy Night” and ma  started to sing too like a doof. I joined in too. Life is filled with unintended consequences. That’s what I learned from Kristina Wong. But we can overcome those obstacles just like ma and her girlfriend Amanda B. overcome their obstacles while I’m trying to study for my home economics test.



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