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GLIT LIT by Maureen Seaton

PRESS RELEASE: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, boy-girls and girl-boys, cats and turtles, Almost Dorothy announces the world premiere and inaugural edition of GLIT LIT, a wickedly funny, and/or serious, somber, smart and/or always  or usually interesting series curated by Maureen Seaton, who is currently a professor of Creative Writing at the University of Miami, author of 13 books, and mother of the universe. The GLIT LIT series marks Almost Dorothy’s flowering (or deflowering) of her blog into new realms of discourse and intercourse. Pay attention. Smart stuff is coming your way. Enjoy.

ALL ABOUT GLIT LIT: Well, it’s simple. GLIT LIT is all about glitterature. That’s glitter + literature. According to Maureen Seaton, GLIT LIT is “about (mostly) poets and the stuff they make, brought to you on a rapid if irregular basis (coherent if inchoate, blasé if décolleté, Floridian if Querque, queer if bonsai). Cheers to little A. Dorothy and her entourage of marbles: clearies, puries, and crystals. Enjoy the glit.”



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