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Ma and I just saw Buika at the Arsht Center and ma was like whoa and I was like whoa too that woman can sing. The cats and the cradles howled inside the Knight Concert Hall. Her voice sounds like a gritty chunk of coal is pressed against her vocal chords. She’s volcanic on stage and ma says Buika is a lava flow. Ma gushes when she speaks about Buika. I think she has a crush on her and I promise her I won’t tell Amanda B. If you didn’t get the chance to see Buika, jump on a plane and follow her to her next gig. It’ll be worth it. I swear on ma’s head.

Buika/Photo by Bernardo Doral

The best part of the show was when Buika told the story of when she was a little girl and a her priest or some guy at a church pulled her out of the choir because he thought she sounded like a dog when she sang. What a pendejo! At least that is what we think she said. Ma and I don’t speak Spanish so we just made that up. Well, we understood perro and iglesia and assumed the experience went downhill from there. The point of her story: a man pissed Buika off (like most men piss people off) and he gave Buika the courage to keep singing just like the man who tells ma not to park the car on his lawn gives ma the courage to park on his lawn everyday.

Back on topic: our favorite song tonight was “Un Mundo Raro” and “El Ultimo Trago”. Ma is moaning el ultimao trago nos blah blahno in Buika’s voice. It sounds like ma has a goat’s foot or feet jammed in her throat. I’m gonna get the pliers and save the goat. Ma thinks she can replicate Buika’s voice but I don’t think anyone can. Not even God or his son Satan. We love you, Buika. See you in Spain.


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