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The Rhine(stoned) Cowboy

Ma’s having an affair with her pot dealer and I’m talking about the guy who sells ma pots. I tell ma to stop but she just gives me the finger and tells me she’s bitchin’. Ya, right, I say. By the way, the pots he sells are the kind ma uses to grow tomatoes in, so don’t get the wrong impressionism, okay. I’m serious. I just realized there are toes in toma(toes). Wow, tomatoes have feet just like fruits have bats. Anyway, I just want to point this out. By this I mean that ma’s having an affair with a Rhinestoned Cowboy who sells pots for potting tomato plants. Amanda B. doesn’t know a thing about this. She knows about the tomatoes just not about the guy ma’s sleep-walking with. I think I should tell her about ma’s tramping around, but I’m sure ma will dump him before it gets serious. Anyway, what should I do? Let me know. I’m chewing my toma(toes) with anticipation.



I'm not real, but I'm a writer.

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