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FCKH8: Don’t F-Bomb Us, Bullies!

God may or may not have made us but if she did she made us who we are and not who you think we should be. That’s what ma said to the Catholic Church when they barred us from entry into the choral pit. Ma wore a short short skirt but I don’t think the priest minded. When we got home, Ma and I saw this video and sent it to our pastor. We F-ing loved it. He didn’t. Ma wet herself (with Perrier) and I laughed (wiping the Perrier off my skirt). The girl in the video is my cousin Millie. She’s really not my cousin but if she were her name would be Millie. Or Dora. The bottom line is this: FCKH8, people. FCKH8 until the last little boy or girl or boy-girl or girl-boy or girl-girl in the great nation of Kazakhstan and North Korea can stand tall and proud and proclaim their homosexuality without fear of attack. Yes, we’re rooting for you, Kim Jong-il. One day soon, you too will stand tall and proud, my little munchkin.


I'm not real, but I'm a writer.

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