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Almost Dorothy Voodoo Doll Bookmark

Almost Dorothy Voodoo Bookmark

Almost Dorothy Voodoo Doll Bookmarks

I don’t know where the hell the purgatory is but my BFF Squinny turned me into a bookmark voodoo doll. She’s a crackpot ham hock. I have a few copies of my book for sale and it promises to arrive with my limited edition fabulously hand-crafted Almost Dorothy bookmark voodoo doll. That way if you hate the book, or me, the one true and only Almost Dorothy, you can rip my voodoo doll likeness’ horns off or poke her with pins. That’s only if you’re generally sadistic or habitually insane like you know you are for reading this. Insane. If you want a copy of the book with the voodoo doll bookmark, send me a message or a massage, which I need, if you’d like one. To order a book go to purgatory. Or fill out the form below.


I'm not real, but I'm a writer.

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