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Jorge Drexler Opens Up at the Fillmore Miami Beach

Jorge Drexler

Almost Dorothy is happily puffed up and ready to introduce Paloma Gensollen to the Almost Dorothy family. Over the next year, Paloma will write about Latin music, art, culture and mayhem in South Florida. She’s what you call an emerging writer, a newbie, with nice shoes and a lion’s heart of gold. Paloma is real cool plus she’s the one who helped make me into a voodoo doll. Enjoy Paloma’s writing. Love ya, Almost Dorothy

Back in my teenaged-wonder-years (a really fun one, by the way), I was introduced to Jorge Drexler through his song “Mi Guitarra y Voz” from his album Eco. This song became my best friend and soon enough the complete collection of Jorge Drexler’s albums became my buddies. His music became part of my skin, his lyrics my national anthem. All I wanted was more. This Saturday, January 29th, 2011 the Rhythm Foundation presents Jorge Drexler at the Fillmore Miami Beach at the Jackie Gleason Theatre.

“Que viva la ciencia! Que viva la poesía! Que viva siento mi lengua cuando tu lengua está sobre la lengua mía. El agua está en el barro, el barro en el ladrillo, el ladrillo está en la pared y en la pared tu fotografía…Hay tantas cosas yo solo preciso dos; Mi guitarra y Vos” – from “Guitarra y Vos” (Eco)

Jorge Drexler

Drexler began writing songs in 1989 and released his first album in 1992, La Luz que Sabe Robar. A couple of years later, Drexler closed (or opened) an important chapter in his career in Uruguay with his second album Radar. Saying “goodbye” to his homeland, Drexler expanded his wings, flew to Madrid, and that’s where he recorded his third album, Vaivén. On this album, he collaborated with Joaquín Sabina, Luis Eduardo Aute and Javier Alvarez.

Since moving to Madrid, Drexler has released a total of 10 albums, along with several re-releases. In 2005, Drexler won worldwide recognition when he received an Oscar for his song “Al Otro Lado del Río” from the movie Motorcycle Diaries. This is the first time in the history of the Oscars that a Spanish song won the award. In 2008, Jorge Drexler released his ninth album Cara B, which he recorded live on a tour around 7 cities in Cataluña, Spain. Amazed by Drexler’s music, the film director Manuel Huerta joined the project and made a documentary film of the tour—Un Instante Precisio.

“Yo solo quiero que sepas: no estoy aquí de visita, y es para ti que está escrita esta canción” –Fusión (Eco)

Just like his song “Todo Se Tranforma” from his album Eco, Drexler has also evolved and transormed as a musician. His most recent album, Amar La Trama, is Drexler’s first live album where he transorms a television set into a record studio. Unlike his previous works, this time Jorge Drexler puts aside “house music” and experiments with instruments and is accompanied by a live band. It is fresh.

“Nada es mas simple, No hay otra norma. Nada se pierde, todo se transforma” – from “Nada se Pierde” (Eco)

Everything changes, according to Jorge Drexler’s, but his sound is singular, unique. It makes you move, the rhythms fuse to your body and the melodies lift you up. With several nominations for Grammy Awards, the Latin Grammy Awards and the Spanish Music Prize, among other awards, Miami is sure be moved by Drexler’s voice. I will see you all at the Fillmore. I’ll be the one screaming my head off with Almost Dorothy.

Information: Fillmore Miami Beach at the Jackie Gleason Theater, 1700 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach 33139. Tickets are $68.50 front orchestra, $43.50 orchestra, and $33.50 mezzanine – plus fees. Purchase them online or at Ticketmaster outlets, or the Fillmore box office, or call (800) 745-3000.

by Paloma Gensollen


I'm a bilingual thinker, speaker, and writer. I have an infatuation with chocolate, yes, ironic, since I have diabetes type 1. I believe in dwarfs, I hate the color pink, and if you want to win me over, you just have to find the way to make me LAUGH. I have a LOUD laughter; you’ll know I’m around just by its peculiar sound. I’m a dreamer and a novelist with a passion for advertising; I have this restless dream of changing people’s minds. Brands are the cars and my creativity the gasoline they need to move forward. One idea is all you need to change the world, finding the right one, is the challenge ahead.

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