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Dear Friends

This letter is being sent to all friends, organizations, foundations, leagues, religious societies or any entities that may be willing to support renowned Cuban writer Elena Tamargo who must undergo an impending surgery on April 13. The procedure is not fully covered by her medical insurance. On behalf of Elena’s friends, who respect and love her dearly, I (as one of her closest friends) have decided to spearhead this campaign to urgently raise funds in support of this necessary effort.

The surgery will consist of two phases.  First, Dr. Ricardo Estape and Dr. Troy Gatcliffe of the South Miami Gynecologic Oncology Group will remove the tumors remaining in her body; and this procedure is covered by Elena’s insurance.  The second phase, a Bilateral Sartorius Flaps to be performed by Dr. Deidre Marshall requires a complete restoration of the affected area via grafts from Elena’s own cells.  Even though this last procedure is essential to her full recovery, her insurance company deems it a “cosmetic surgery” and, therefore, will not cover it.  This is why we need your support.

Friends, any contributions you may make toward this effort would be greatly appreciated.  Poet, Elena Tamargo, her son Nazim and I (as well as many others) will forever thank you for your financial contribution.


Manny Lopez

Please make checks payable and mail to-
Elena Tamargo
6415 SW 129 Place # 2410
Miami, FL. 33183

Or you can deposit at Wachovia Bank
Routing # 067006432
Account # 010287364464

Elena Tamargo

Elena Tamargo is a Cuban poet and essayist. She has published: Sobre un papel mis trenos, Habana tú, El caballo de la palabra, Bolero, clave del corazón y Hay que vivir el momento: 101 boleros. Elena Tamargo, who is a philologist, and a specialist in German Studies, has also translated the work of German romantic poet Friedrich Hölderlin. She is, above all, a creator, and someone who knows her craft well. She has been recognized with: Premio de Poesía de la Universidad de La Habana, in 1984, and Premio Nacional de Poesía de Julián del Casal, 1987, among other awards. Currently she writes about the theatre and other subjects for el Nuevo Herald.


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