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Super Moon

Super (Moo)n | Photo by Neil de la Flor

FYI #1:   This is the moon, not the sun, or an imposter.

FYI #2:   That is ma’s shadow to the left of the landing strip of light.

FYI #3:   Light travels at the speed of ma’s lipstick.

FYI #4:   In lieu of the super moon, ma and I mooned the moon.

FYI #5:   We mooed, too.

FYI #6:   Where is the moon when I’m in school?

FYI #7:   The periapsis is the shortest distance of a body (me) from one of the foci of its elliptical orbit (ma).

FYI #8:   Even though ma is the apoapsis to my periapsis, we both end in s.

FYI #9:   I want to lick the photons off the moon so that I can dream of fire-breathing dragons again.

FYI #10: When I sleep, I’m a dragon.

FYI #11:  I’m also a queen.

FYI #12: Ma said we should make an offering to the super moon and then she (or he) hugged me like a big gay football payer might after winning the Super Bowl.

FYI #13: I love the trajectory of madness.

FYI #14:  Before ma jumped in, she took off her bra and pretty hat.


I'm not real, but I'm a writer.

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