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The Big Metal Snake by Paloma Gensollen

“The Big Metal Snake drinking my blood” Photograph By: Paloma Gensollen

I’m scared. Mommy says the doctor told her I’m a little sick. We went yesterday and he checked me down there between my legs because every time I do pee it hurts and it itches all the time.

Today mommy is taking me to a place she calls a “Laboratory”. She says that a nurse will get some blood from my arms so the doctor can see why I’ve been feeling so weird all the time. She says the nurse has to pinch me with a needle, that it won’t hurt, but I don’t like needles, they look like hard metal snakes, very scary!!!!!

We’re here, we’re walking into a white room with posters of doctor’s stuff on the walls. It’s cold and I haven’t eaten anything. I want to go home. I’m scared of the needles.

A nurse walks in. She says hi and tells me I have pretty green eyes like green olives. I hate olives! She tells me to sit down and extend my arm. Mommy is standing next to me, holding my hand. The nurse gets a cotton ball, puts some alcohol and cleans my arm with it. She also gets a rubber band and puts it around my arm. It hurts. Look at your mommy, she says, but I don’t want to. I want to know what she’s about to do.

She grabs a huge needle, takes off the cap and I see a large, skinny and pointy metal snake. I panic, get up, and run to the corner. I’m crying. Why would mommy let the nurse hurt me with that thing?! I haven’t done anything wrong.

Mommy tells me to calm down, that it will be fast and won’t hurt at all. She’s lying, she tells me lies are bad, but she’s lying to me. Another nurse comes in. I go back to the chair, still crying. The nurse cleans my arm again, and as I see the big metal snake, I run back to the corner. Now two boy nurses come in. Mommy says I need to stop behaving like a little girl. But I am a little girl.

They grab me and I start screaming as hard as I can–moving my body I kick them and yell at them to stop. I’m crying. Mommy is too. She’s telling me that they need to get the blood so I won’t be sick anymore. I don’t care, I’m so scared and I want to go home and play with my dolls. I hug my mommy and tell her I don’t want them to hurt me. She says they won’t, but I know she’s lying again. I’m not dumb.

A big fat nurse comes in. She has blonde curly hair. She looks mean, like a big fat ogre. She tells my mommy something and mommy just looks at me. The other nurses grab me, and they sit me down on the chair again. I can’t move now. They’re holding me very tight. I see the fat ogre get the needle and she cleans my arm and wraps a rubber band around it. As I’m screaming my lungs out, she stabs my arm with the big metal snake that begins to drink my blood. The big ogre feeds the snake. Fills up several tubes with my blood.

She’s done now. Takes out the needle and puts a Band-Aid on the tiny bite mark the metal snake leaves on my arm. I’m still crying. Mommy is too. She hugs me and tells me I’m going to be okay. She promises. But I know I’m not okay.


I'm a bilingual thinker, speaker, and writer. I have an infatuation with chocolate, yes, ironic, since I have diabetes type 1. I believe in dwarfs, I hate the color pink, and if you want to win me over, you just have to find the way to make me LAUGH. I have a LOUD laughter; you’ll know I’m around just by its peculiar sound. I’m a dreamer and a novelist with a passion for advertising; I have this restless dream of changing people’s minds. Brands are the cars and my creativity the gasoline they need to move forward. One idea is all you need to change the world, finding the right one, is the challenge ahead.

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