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10 More Reasons Why I Love New York

Man-made - New York City - Empire State Buildi...
Image by Trodel via Flickr

1. Because love is framed by the words “I” and “New”, I love New York.

2. Because the Hudson River and the East River together bear hug New York City just like ma bear hugs me like her ma bear hugged her–with her extraordinarily long arms, I love New York.

3. Because reason prevails in a city dominated by liberalism, I love New York.

4. Because the Empire State Building (almost) poked me in the eye when I flew over the city on Delta Airlines, I love New York.

5. Because of the sounds that resonate from the Brooklyn Bridge when we biked across it on the first day of summer, I love New York.

6. Because of the sanitation department, I love New York.

7. Because New York was once New Amsterdam and thus proving that nothing is permanent especially when it is new, I love New York.

8. Because New York taxi cab drivers represent the true melting-pot philosophy of our founding fathers, e pluribus unum, I love New York.

9. Because the Village is not a real village, I love New York.

10. Because New York City admits that its very foundation was built on the backs of slaves and cheap labor, I love New York. As a matter of fact, ma and I read this fact on a subway poster.


I'm not real, but I'm a writer.

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