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Summer Break


It’s summertime, and ma and I are headed to Disney World, aka grandma’s house. Seriously. On Sundays, grandma and grandpa dress as Mickey & Minnie Mouse and welcome the neighbors into their home. Everyone brings stuff like blow pops and alcoholic beverages in coolers. It’s cool. Hanging with the grandparents is like going back in time. Back to a place or space where humans were humans and not card[bored] representations of humans. Humans who value the living, breathing, drinking social network more that a hyperlink to Fantasy Internet Island. The bottom line is this: ma and I are going on vacation. It’s a real vacation. We’re gonna see family. We’re gonna see where we came from. When we get there, we’ll be home, which is just about three blocks from our house.


I'm not real, but I'm a writer.

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