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Wart Path

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Ma says she is on the wart path because the government has denied immigration status to a same-sex married a couple who live in San Francisco, the city of Saint Francis, because of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) which grants federal benefits to only opposite sex couples. One of the partners takes care of his AIDS-afflicted spouse and the U.S. government wants to send that caregiver away. Bye, bye!

Even though the Obama administration has stopped defending the unconstitutional DOMA, this hasn’t stopped republicans in the House of Representatives from hiring lawyers on behalf of DOMA. Ma says she is pissed off when she hears there’s no difference between politicians, between republicans and democrats. She gets pissed off when people say they are all the same, no good, not ever. Ma says just look at what the republicans want: the end of compassion, the end of empathy, the end of fairness, and the end of equality.

America, ma says, is about equality and justice. Not inequality and injustice. That’s what they do in Texas, mas says, but not in America! In the end, ma says that all you have to do is read the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution to understand that we are all guaranteed the same rights and are, and should be, equally protected under the laws of the United States.

I correct ma that she is on a war path, not a wart path,even though everything else she said is right. Ma says that she is on a wart path. Take a look at my toe, she says. Every step I take on this journey, this fucking wart is with me. Just like intolerance and hate will be with us so long as we see no difference in the people who chose to run our country (club) sandwich.


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