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What the Water Gave Us [after Florence + the Machine]

1. Ma lays down the law on the water-bed with 10 fingers.

2. There’s water in the water-bed and I’m all dressed up for winter.

3. We are lawless when we wear furry goggles in bed.

4. We are not dead nor red nor able to fly light like song birds or swim like water moccasins.

5. But don’t call us megalomaniacs or beasts of burden.We are human.

6. We sin every day with God’s grace in front of his fat smiling face.

7. We are his sisters of mercy who trample across the face of the earth that trembles beneath our sneakers.

8. Our pockets have pockets filled with parking lots of water.

9. The seven deadly sins begin at birth.

10. The end of the world will be a water-bed punctured by the 7th sin on the 7th day of our favorite month.

11. Ma says she wouldn’t have it any other f__king way.

12. Cause, she says, pelicans just can’t keep secrets from the rain.

13. A storm of parrots fly out of our mouths like radioactive kindergarteners as we roll around on the water-bed.

14. Happy Birthday, ma whispers. Then showers.


*Based on Florence + the Machine’s “What the Water Gave Me”.



I'm not real, but I'm a writer.

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