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What Else Is There? [after Röyksopp]

1. The house floats above a ragged coast that is ancient and unforgiving.

2. There are no pharaohs or else there would be pharaohs.

3. She does not wear a sweater, nor raincoat, even though the storm is wicked owls.

4. Those white feathers are white feathers.

5. These feathers blow in the wind and forgive her for just having one wish left.

6. Each feather drags another storm into the room.

7. She dreams of flashlights and explosions as she rests her head on an oak with a heart that blows smoke.

8. The smoke signals the road is not a road.

9. It was me on that road, she sings, but nowhere near here.

10. Why is there a German Shepherd on that road to nowhere?

11. In the room, she floats like a hipster and wraps herself up in a white comforter–becomes an angel.

12. She comforts us through the television even though she doesn’t know I am

13. Invisible to angels.

14. The man in black is always a ghost.


I'm not real, but I'm a writer.

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