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A “Time Cloak”

A team of physicists at Cornell University, says David Brown, who is not related to Charlie Brown or the Cleveland Browns, has created a wrinkle in time. (The Washington Post). Iron it, ma says, if it’s that big of a friggin’ deal.

Ma is not a scientist. Never went to science class. For years, ma though physicists fixed brains, mood swings, bongos disorder and such. No ma, they work with the laws of the universe. The only law of the universe I care about, ma says, is Law & Order.

As an undocumented performance artist, meaning she is not a performance artist and has no paperwork to prove whether she is a performance artist, ma enjoys nature. Being natural. I am Nature’s Own, ma says, cloak that.

Sometimes, well, all the time, I wish I could cloak ma. Transport her to another dementia.

How does this cloak work, ma asks, acting all interested and stuff. I wanna know.

It works like this, I tell her. When she gets back, I’ll fill her in on the rest.


I'm not real, but I'm a writer.

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