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Punch Drunk Love Sigmund Freud

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Today ma is creative. She creates space where there is no space. Turns spiders into angels. She cloaks time and makes the neighbor believe that the present is the present when everything is past tense. The angels are happy to spin webs around the world.

Today ma repaints her nails ultra-violet and commands an army of magnetic horses across the refrigerator door.

Today ma is as brilliant as her shiny red cherry lipstick.

Today ma toasts her triumph over love and losers. Tosses the idea of them away like old spaghetti and meatballs.

Cheers, ma says raising her glass of orange juice as if it were the most potent orange juice on the planet.

Cheers, I say raising my glass of orange juice as if it were the most potent orange juice on the planet.

Today ma brushes her teeth without irony and uses real Crest, practices good oral hygiene and is confident in herself.

Today ma recalls the drunk she punched last night at the Opera. The same guy who came on to her on her way to the ladies room. The same one who touched her left and right breasts as if they were overripe cantaloupe in the Publix fruit section.

Gentlemen, she says, shouldn’t touch the goodies without permission or cash.

Today ma nurses the stitches across her chin and holds her chin up like a real Hollywood Oscar.

Today ma is pure gold, black and blue. Radiant and as potentially violent as Jupiter’s storms on any given night.

Today ma understands why men are violent by nature and condemned to fits of rage and indecency.

They’re emotional, ma says, and not taught how to deal with them at a fundamental level.

Today ma thinks she is a scholar, a clinical psychologist, Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung and the Dalai Lama.

Today is Saturday.

Today ma is extraordinarily unified, one with gravity, and grateful for her knuckles and right hook.

Today ma is Muhammed Ali to me.


I'm not real, but I'm a writer.

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