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Today ma and I celebrate 3 weeks without trans fats and feta.

Today ma and I declare that we are free from glum and the threat of bird flu.

Today ma and I see so much hope in the walled up world that we take an axe and smash a hole in it.

Today ma and I create a symphony dedicated to the heroic efforts of zebras.

Today ma and I connect to the spirits through the looking glass, the glass menagerie and stained glass.

Today ma and I are prisms and sparkly.

Today ma and I tattoo 2012 on our lower butt cheeks so that every time we sit we know we can control time.

Today ma and I time time.

It’s slower than what we imagine.

Today ma and I imagine that there is hope in the world in the girl and in the fork that lifts the dirt of the world.

Today ma and I hope there is time to save the world from wild pandas and hope.

Actually, we don’t care about wild pandas. Only the most sacred underdogs like us.

Today ma and I meet for the first time as two humans from the same genetic schism.

Today ma and I complete 3 weeks of therapy guided by elves.

Today ma and I are elves.

Today ma and I swap wigs and tie pony tails together.

Today ma and I sleep in peace while the insane train on the track just across the boulevard howls at us because we are human.

Today is Sunday for the next 35 minutes.


I'm not real, but I'm a writer.

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