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The Pool [after Tori Amos]

1. Swim forever.

2. Swim swan like beneath the twinkling satellites.

3. Swim to the East and the West.

4. Swim to the bottom of the pool where all light is surrendered except for the ultraviolet.

5. Swim toward and away from the moonlight reflection on the swimming pool.

6. Swim in circles to find where we began to forget how to swim from our ancient ancestors.

7. Swim is a four letter word used to indicate what can be done in a blue pool in a blue world.

8. Swim powerfully. Swim beautifully. Swim sarcastically Swim elegantly.

9. Ma jumps in the pool. She is a cannonball.

10. I am swimming on my back and I look at the night lights of the universe, and realize for the first time that the universe is filled with so much light and so much dark, so much creation and so much destruction, and that there is so much gray in between the two extremes that matters just as much. Just saying this reminds me of the limitations of human and whale education.

11.  Swim close to me, ma says, and I try to swim close to her but she is so far away I don’t think I can reach her.

12. When morning comes, we are still swimming for the studious icebergs that surround us.

13. Swim close to me, ma says, again, and I do swim close, so close to her I can almost touch her reaching wide open arms. Her eyes locked on my breathing.

14. My eyes locked on her breathing eye.

*After “The Pool” by Tori Amos.


I'm not real, but I'm a writer.

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