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California’s Same-Sex Marriage Ban is Unconstitutional

Godsend | Photo by Neil de la Flor

I’m gonna get same-sex married one day, I tell ma. I swear on my left wing. Marriage is for lovers, ma says. No it isn’t, I tell ma. Virgina is for lovers. Today ma and I decided we are going to the Supreme Court to support the upcoming battle over the constitutionality of same-sex marriage. Because we exist, ma says, we have rights. Even though Newt Gingrich exists, I say, he doesn’t have the right to take our rights away.

Because we believe in equal rights for all, ma and I will support the GLBTQ-I-PYT-R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Community. That’s what real humans do, ma says, support justice for all.

This morning ma packed up the van. We don’t really have a van but she stole the neighbor’s keys so we’ll use his van. He’s ok with it, ma says. Besides, I left him a bag of jasmine rice.

In any way, whatever happens, all I know is that same-sex marriage, just like different-sex marriage, should be granted to all human Americans because we are all human Americans. I mean, what if I want to marry my neighbor and we happen to share the same genitals? And what if we don’t have any genitals or decide to change our genitals after we marry? Does that mean we can’t get married or have to get unmarried? I mean, gosh, even criminals–murderers and rapists–can get married in jail. I can’t get married and I’ve never committed a crime except for maybe wanting to get married to someone who shares the same genitals I do. I don’t even know what genitals are.

Same-sex marriage shouldn’t be banned because I pay taxes. Taxes that go to pay for educating children of different-sex couple, taxes that pay for war, taxes that pay for social security benefits for widows of different-sex marriages, taxes that are used to pay for ‘investment’ credits for oil drilling companies like Exxon.

This ruling is a godsend, ma says. It is, I tell ma. And we are all god’s children, ma says.  Besides, this is one beautiful same-sex nation under malls.


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