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14 things Ma & I learned about the end of the world

1. It ends.

2. Sometimes ends are not that bad when the means are met.

3. No matter how those means were met the only thing that’s important to recognize is that life is fragile and present; and so long as we can keep a life alive that’s the only thing that counts in the end. Amen.

3.5 Chickens have white and dark meat.

4. Cajun creole sisters are neither Cajun nor creole.

5. K-sa-dilla is quesadilla in gringo.

6. A drunk ok looking girl wants to get laid by very good looking drunk man but he won’t no matter how much more she drinks. We have to own how we look and be happy with that in the sober end.

6.5 Fisting an elephant isn’t code for anything other than fisting an elephant.

7. Ma & I made one major mistake this year: we got angry at ourselves for not being ourselves.

8. We are not elves.

9. We made more than one major mistake.

10. I hate bras. Bras can’t help ma in the end.

11. The extremes are not the ends but the means for self-destruction & self sabotage.

12. The blaring light of madness is comforting for madmen.

13. Hugs & kisses can’t change the world. Only a hug & a kiss can do is bring two bodies together.

14. Crying in a coffee shop trumps this guy wearing a funny hat.



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