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Almost Dorothy is pro ‘bear arms’

The right to bear arms.
The right to bear arms.

In response to the Trayvon Martin case and George Zimmerman’s overzealous quest to bear arms, I believe we should focus more on the rights of every American to bear arms. If we lived in a world in which every human has the right to hang a pair of bear arms upon their wall, we’d have a safer and more peaceful planet. It’s simple. When people spend their time shooting bears for their arms, there will be less time wasted on people shooting other people. Let’s focus on shooting bears for their arms and hang those arms on our walls. Or, let’s just manufacture synthetic bear arms so we don’t have to shot real bears and risk our lives. The best thing: we can wear these bear arms over our real human arms just like the guy above. That’s awesome, right?! So, let’s stop shooting each other because there’s no point. We can’t even hang the arms of our victims on our walls. Shoot a bear and hang his or hear bear arms on the wall or just buy your very own bear arms at your local bear arm dealer. It’s a no brainer. God Bless bear arms!


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