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Almost Bjork

When I grow up, I want to be a bell just like Bjork. I will ring all over the world in clock towers and market squares. I will ring inside the heads of happy humans that gather in front of churches and synagogues and mosques and farmhouses as they pray to their Godless Gods. I will ring in the ears of sea otters, lions, and spiders, so they’ll know, for once, that somebody loves them. I love sea life and simple things like hand mirrors and sisters, bells and whispers. I will  ring my bell in the nose of librarians who say be quiet and don’t say a word as they stack ee cummings and Shōnagon. I will ring my bell body in the face of bishops and tell them in tongues as I shake my ass that I’m on their side while I tickle their toes with my freakishly long fingers.  No one can raise the dead, but I will ring my bell and raise the dead and the living dead and the living. I will raise my friend Squinny up with my bell and she will float above the surface of the world in her red dress. I will tell her what I’ve done. Tell her that the world is really full of love. Even if it’s really not. Even if she can’t hear a goddamn thing.

Painting by Macief Hofffman, “Gravitation” (2009), Oil on canvas, 210 x 185 cm, © Hoffman. Special thanks to Scene360.

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Bjork & PJ Harvey: Can’t Get No Satisfaction

I had a dream that I couldn’t get any satisfaction then I woke up and googled Bjork and PJ Harvey. They’re not married, but in my dream, they got married. After the ceremony PJ ate Bjork and they turned into glitter jellyfish and then a chocolate bunny filled with marshmallow stuffing. It was a fun dream, filled with the horrors of chocolate and science fiction, glitter and the absence of ponies. Like the origin of antimatter isn’t scary enough. We are all surrounded by chocolate and hungry mouths and sparkly things that want to taste our gooey insides. Mom is asleep. Amanda B. is asleep. I’m thinking about jumping in their bed and tickling their toes till they beg for mercy. I decided to lay in bed and count the cracks in the ceiling cause it gives me satisfaction even when I’m all alone.

P.S. I love soup.