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Ma Unmasked

Benoit Izard | Photo by Neil de la FlorThis is what ma looks like when she is her real self. This is how she drinks when she drinks glittery water. This is ma unmasked and unconcerned about the promise of another day. This is ma on the line between decency and decadent. This is ma between the yellow shoe and the black wall. This is ma stripped of her shield and soul-binding stuff. This is ma in pretty shoes. This is ma after work and during work when she has nothing left to lose. This is ma. The wo|man I look up to and upon. This is the great transmutable ma. Always the center of every frame and photograph and the entire human universe.

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Sentence Generator

English: Diffuse and specular reflection from ...
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1. The (re)formation of praxis invests itself in the discourse of the gendered body, ma says.
2. The poetics of process, I tell her, recapitulates the historicization of the image.
3. The eroticization of civil society asks to be read as the engendering of exchange value.
4. The emergence, I say as I raise my fist to her fat flat nose, of process is always already participating in the systemization of the specular economy.
5. or
6. The emergence of the specular economy is always already participating in the systemization of process.
7. The emergence of the specular economy, ma says, is always bullshit. We are already participating in the systemization of process.
8. The (re)formation of desire gestures toward the fantasy of pedagogical institutions.
9. I’m not a poodle ma says, as the emergence of the gaze functions as the conceptual frame for the engendering of the gendered body emerges from her conceptual body of evidence.
10. Why, I ask, is the reification of power/knowledge homologous with the invention of the natural?
11. The logic of history as such invests itself in the systemization of the nation-state. Ma sounds smartish in her spandex trance outfit.
12. Pootwattle’s stunning disquisition on the relationship between the fragmentation of post-Jungian analysis and the discourse of communicative rationality suffers, I tell her, from your almost complete ignorance of Latin.
13. Pig, ma says, is the necessary but perhaps impossible notion of the means of production and it suggests the divisibility of the hidden woman.
14. The illusion of pop culture replays (in parodic form) the politics of the public sphere.

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