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Charles Jensen: Way Better than Ke$ha

Charles Jensen

I would like to thank Charles Jensen and his pets for enduring this Potty Mouth Interview. I’m proud to say I’m gay because of him. Or maybe not. Actually, never mind. All you need to know is that Charles is ballsy, brilliant, and (one more B word) muy auténtico. When I proposed this interview, he wrote, “I think I suffer from a disability that prevents me from being irreverent.” I had to look up irreverent in the dictionary and I discovered the word comes from Middle English, which I guess is in the center of Left and Right English. Charles simply occupies English. Nuff’ said. He is a reverent artist, writer, soothsayer, rabid fan of Gossip Girl, America’s Next Top Bottle, and the Vampire Diaries. He is a good gay uncle, friend of Dorothy, a voice calling for the end of violence, and a newly minted Ke$ha fan. If you beg, he may let you see his fabulous acoustic version of Tik Tok. I wasn’t a Ke$ha fan until this. Enjoy.

Almost Dorothy: On your blog, you have this quote, which mom says is really dumb, but she’s an ass so don’t pay any attention to her, that says, “I can’t remember when the world turned slowly, so I’ll just lay here with the lights turned out again.” What happens when memory returns and the lights won’t turn off? What then?

Charles Jensen: Then we are all trapped after hours in the Museum of Past Wrongs, forced to constantly confront all the ways we’ve failed the people we love. That, or we run out of popcorn. Neither is a reality I’m ready to confront.

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