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Shake It Out [after Florence + the Machine]

1. Ma and I drag race in our best one-shoulder red dress around the blue kiddie pool filled with gold skulls.

2. We are asymmetrical as sprinkled Pop Tarts.

3. The white horse in the backyard drags the black horse around the backyard.

4. The horses that live inside of us tango as if they are unbridled Devil Dogs.

5. We are the unification of Devil’s Food Cake and Deviled Eggs.

6. Our issues emerge like red tulips in spring that bloom across the planet like an army of deranged Bozo the Clowns.

7. I shook ma and red horses fell out.

8. I shook the devil and he shook uncontrollably beneath ma’s skirt.

9. In this red chiffon mess, the devil undressed.

10. He climbed on my back until I shook him into a red cowboy.

11. His cowboy boots are cowboy boots.

12. Even the stars wear elegant dreadlocks at night.

13. The devil that suffers, ma says, is the devil that never changes.

14. White angels play politics in trees.