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I haven’t been able to write much lately cause mom got a new night job as head hostess at Denny’s. She got fired last night for stealing meatloaf and mashed potatoes. I told her I don’t like potatoes and she said she didn’t give a f&uck! I told her not to cuss and she told me to go to hell and said a few more bad words. Like I’ve said before, mom’s not on meds. If she were on meds, it wouldn’t matter anyway cause she’s got the personality of nuclear power plant on meltdown. She’s 24/7 meltdown. In fact she’s about an hour more than 24 hours of meltdown. She’s a freaking day more than 7 days of meltdown. She’s so beyond meltdown I’m surprised the Article Circle is not a jacuzzi.  I think I meant Arctic. Well,  I’ll have more time to write now since I won’t have to drive her to and from work. She got a DUI last week. I have no idea what that means but mom gave me her license and said I should drive slow and stop even on yellow.