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Like the Weather after Natalie Merchant

Last night I had a dream that a sleepy giant tried to chew my toes off. A happy puppet rose from the bed and scared the sleepy giant away and then the happy puppet tried to chew my toes off. I was pissed because I love my toes and nose and the things that help me move from here to over there. Then, you guessed it, mom appeared in my dream and tried to chew my toes off, but no one and no thing came to save my toes from her happy chewing. I couldn’t get up. Couldn’t open my eyes. Couldn’t scream or shout or kick that happy beast off me, so I conducted an interview with her in Japanese to calm her down. And, like the weather, everything changed, even the pace of her happy chewing. When I woke up, I found mom asleep with her nose pressed against my feet and she was snoring like giant.